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Non Vegetarian
Cuisine Quantity Price
Tandoor Chicken Badshah (Traditional Chicken Tandoori from Punjab) 4 Pcs. 160.00
Chicken Tikka (Boneless Chicken Cubes Marinated in Spicy Yoghurt cooked in
10 Pcs. 175.00
Murg Malai Tikka (Juicy boneless Chicken Marinated in cream & cashew nuts) 10 Pcs. 175.00
Achari Chicken Tikka (Flavoured with Pickle Oil)   175.00
Murg Afghani (Marinated in cashew nut & yoghurt roasted till crisp with an egg
Chicken Tangri Kabab (Marinated with mild spices, stuffed with Dry Fruits.) 2 Pcs. 220.00
Chicken Reshmi Kabab (Minced chicken wrapped on skewer and barbecued) 10 Pcs. 180.00
Seekh Kabab (Minced chicken wrapped on skewer and barbecued) 8 Pcs. 170.00
Mutton Shammi Kabab (Minced mutton & lental & whole spices blend together ) 6 Pcs. 150.00
Drums of Heavens (Chicken wings in candy shaped served battered fry) 6 Pcs. 200.00
Chicken Crispy (Fried chicken finger cooked in tangy tomato sauce)   180.00
Chicken Pepper Salt (Boneless chicken fried sautè with vegetables)   130.00
Chicken Spring Roll   140.00
Crispy Chicken Wing (Fried Chicken Wings in Spicy Red Sauce) 10 Pcs. 150.00
Dragon Chicken (Chicken supreme serve in garlic soya Sauce)   170.00
Fish Tikka (Marinated Fish Cooked in Tandoor) 8 Pcs. 200.00
Fish Amratsari (Fried Fish Fingers with Indian Spices.)   180.00
Fish Finger (Served with Tartar Sauce)   170.00
Fried Fish   170.00
Banjara chiken tikka 10 Pcs. 180.00
Lahsuni chiken tikka 10 Pcs. 180.00
Glawti Kawab   180.00
Boti Kawab   180.00
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